In our first (Beginner’s Guide) post we explored essential front-end considerations for selling online, building your Store, Presenting your products in the most favorable way, Building and owning your store. The operation and following up on these things might just be plain boring for High Energy Creatives or, you know too technical for most humans. However, the platform we present to you is quite easy.

It is essential for your customers to receive what they’ve ordered, get support when required and, of course, for you to Get Paid. So we’ll keep it clean and simple, and have you back  plotting world domination in no time. Let’s jump in…

  1. Dealing with Customers Complaints; (accept it, learn from it and keep moving)

Customer Service can be transformed into a profit center in and of itself — through recommendations, referrals, and offers that turn angry callers into enthusiastic customers (more on this in a future post). Your customers need it. You’ll learn a ton and build a larger crowd from giving good customers support to your buyers.

Another aspect of this, is taking feedback from Customers, especially concerning complaints. Believe me, customers can be very funny, you must know that this is of utmost importance as you could also learn from it. Do not, in any way be angry when they make complaints on your products even if they use offensive words; do not exchange words or even get angry as they are usually ready to fight you on what they are telling you, not minding that they might be wrong.

The way you handle your Customers in both purchase assist and handling of their complaints is a strong determinant of your sales. Nevertheless, if you get into a squabble with your customer, the purpose will be defeated. If complaints are made to AutoParts on this, asides from us taking disciplinary actions, it will affect your sales as they might leave unfavorable reviews on your product and go on ahead to spread bad news about the product, we all know bad comments spread like wild fire and you don’t want such.

  1. Order Processing

Once an order alert is sent across, you must first acknowledge receipt of the notification, then proceed to drop-off the product(s) across for delivery. However, should there be any discrepancies for clarification, Contact us immediately: as speedy response is utmost in this case. Failure to do these might result in your losing the sale.

Once product has been delivered to the customer and no complaints is lodged and no return is made, or exchange is needed you get your payment in 2-3 days maximum.


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