Fortunately, this is the very first of its kind in majority of commercial websites, found on the Internet today in our great nation. With this in mind, some people argue that they don’t need to learn how to sell from their websites, because their websites are information-centric and rely only on advertising.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the reason people say things like this is because they don’t have a clue of how to sell, and it is easier to say that they are not in the sales business, than to admit that they don’t know what to do.

Scenario: You’ve decided to start selling on AutoParts but have little or no experience on how to go about it. Perhaps you have a new product or service that’s ready to be shared with the world, or you are the owner of a specialty shop looking to expand a small but loyal fan base.

Here is a brief guide to assist in easing you up to selling online. First up: the most important things to consider and put into place as you begin your AutoParts

  1. Build Your Store (Start Small, Plan Big)

You can begin selling online relatively quickly and with minimal investment. Some of these services also offer fulfillment options, making them attractive all-in-one solutions (though beware the limitations and don’t expect a high degree of individual attention from the Start) as you’re not the only one selling the category of products on the platform. Though people always go for what they are used to, your product presentation will be a good selling point for you

  1. Get Customers with Your Product presentation

Potential customers need to find your shop, and no better way than through your presentation of your products on the platform. Insert adequate name of products (e.g. Front Shock Absorber for Acura MDX 2003 model), well-presented description of your products (i.e. including delivery and warranty cover) Choosing the correct categories for each product (i.e. AUTOPARTS> Brakes, Suspension & Steering >Shock Absorbers & Strut Assembly). The standard allowed for products image is image with white background for the feature image. However, you can put other images in the image gallery for that specific product.

  1. It’s Not Your Fault (Unless It Is)

Approval of loaded products takes between 24-48 hours to take effect, if after this period you followed all the steps given in the product loading of your goods and the product is still not showing, make sure you contact AutoParts immediately you notice, if you have not been connected. Do not wait until later as you might be losing some sales, if you wait.

  1. Sales Request Response Time

Once customers request for your product, AutoParts will alert you immediately and you are expected to acknowledge receipt of the notification and bring the product(s) to the Drop-off Centre for delivery. Should there be anything, that might hinder the given Drop-off period, you are to communicate it across within 24-hours, or your product request might be cancelled, and possibly given to another merchant. Essentially, communication is key

  1. Generating Buyers on Autoparts

Autoparts has series of ways to make sure your products are in the face of any and everyone that visits the site (i.e. homepage Ads). Newsletters and Sales. These are tools you can use on the platform to reach an even greater crowd compared to registering as a merchant alone and waiting for buyers to search until they see your product(s).

Be sure to use all the sales tools/avenues/ideas we bring to expand your reach and customer-base and slowly, surely, you will start to see great results, based on solid data and proven tactics of convincing and keeping buyers of your products and generating new ones as well.

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