Top tips to Profitable selling on AutoParts

There was once a time when buying and selling online was reserved for the tech-savvy, but now, customers expect that you put up your ware in the most easiest of ways and with all the necessary details to enable them have access to all they might require about the product (your ware). There is a fast rising number of retailers online and it’s expected to keep rising with the status of things in the country.

Not only is it a window that opens you to the world, it is way more practical, result oriented and flexible to operate, compared to having a physical store, which is only available to the people in your local surrounding. I can’t imagine that there’s a major retailer who’s not thinking about an online strategy.

Whether you operate solely online or simply wish to add another dimension to your business, it is imperative you get it right. Here are some tips to help you on your way;

  1. Is selling online right for your business?

Before you rush to create an online store on AutoParts for your business, first determine whether it is viable and appropriate for your products or services. It can be a bit hard harder for service-based businesses to sell online because it limits the level of customer service they can provide, however, AutoParts has a standby assistance that has been put in place to assist in your interaction with your customers.

  1. Focus on Product Description

In combination with high quality images, write your own product descriptions; Describing the product, its uses and what to expect from the use of your product, as this will help you to stand out from your competitors. Failure to highlight the benefits of your products can cost you a whole lot of sales as customers will go for the product with full and detailed description.

In addition, we recommend that you encourage your buyers to leave reviews. Consumers are always reassured by recommendations and therefore more inclined to purchase a product.

  1. Don’t let your Store get Messy

Customers want clean and simple interface that clearly display the products on offer. Anything you do to complicate this will lessen your chances of a sale. It’s believed that “White space makes products appear neater, like walking into a neat, tidy room. If you walk into a messy room, you just want to get out.

The same applies to AutoParts, which has been designed with a lot of white space to enable you arrange your information properly.” However, if you go on ahead to give images that are not with white background  for your product or clustered information i.e. your information is not simple and well arranged, when a customer comes across it and it’s too messy,  they might end up leaving Product for another. We advise that you use a lot of white space in your product presentation to avoid overwhelming prospective customers.

  1. Categorize your products clearly

Ensure you choose the correct category for your products, using our vast list of allowed products, and ensure you choose the correct sub-category when uploading each product. AutoPart’s search tool is clearly categorized and includes multiple categories. Which allows users to search by brand, category or product search word, price, etc. This speeds up the purchasing process for users and allows them compare products.

  1. Don’t forget to Make use of Promos

Having an attractive Store is useless unless you can drive people there. Make sure you improve your store by moving your products fast, as this also increases traffic on goods in your store and recommendation for goods from your store increases at the same time, not just from AutoParts, but also from people who have had the privilege of buying from you.

AutoParts’ Merchant School Beginner’s Guide (II)

In our first (Beginner’s Guide) post we explored essential front-end considerations for selling online, building your Store, Presenting your products in the most favorable way, Building and owning your store. The operation and following up on these things might just be plain boring for High Energy Creatives or, you know too technical for most humans. However, the platform we present to you is quite easy.

It is essential for your customers to receive what they’ve ordered, get support when required and, of course, for you to Get Paid. So we’ll keep it clean and simple, and have you back  plotting world domination in no time. Let’s jump in…

  1. Dealing with Customers Complaints; (accept it, learn from it and keep moving)

Customer Service can be transformed into a profit center in and of itself — through recommendations, referrals, and offers that turn angry callers into enthusiastic customers (more on this in a future post). Your customers need it. You’ll learn a ton and build a larger crowd from giving good customers support to your buyers.

Another aspect of this, is taking feedback from Customers, especially concerning complaints. Believe me, customers can be very funny, you must know that this is of utmost importance as you could also learn from it. Do not, in any way be angry when they make complaints on your products even if they use offensive words; do not exchange words or even get angry as they are usually ready to fight you on what they are telling you, not minding that they might be wrong.

The way you handle your Customers in both purchase assist and handling of their complaints is a strong determinant of your sales. Nevertheless, if you get into a squabble with your customer, the purpose will be defeated. If complaints are made to AutoParts on this, asides from us taking disciplinary actions, it will affect your sales as they might leave unfavorable reviews on your product and go on ahead to spread bad news about the product, we all know bad comments spread like wild fire and you don’t want such.

  1. Order Processing

Once an order alert is sent across, you must first acknowledge receipt of the notification, then proceed to drop-off the product(s) across for delivery. However, should there be any discrepancies for clarification, Contact us immediately: as speedy response is utmost in this case. Failure to do these might result in your losing the sale.

Once product has been delivered to the customer and no complaints is lodged and no return is made, or exchange is needed you get your payment in 2-3 days maximum.


AutoParts’ Merchant School Beginner’s Guide (I)

Fortunately, this is the very first of its kind in majority of commercial websites, found on the Internet today in our great nation. With this in mind, some people argue that they don’t need to learn how to sell from their websites, because their websites are information-centric and rely only on advertising.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the reason people say things like this is because they don’t have a clue of how to sell, and it is easier to say that they are not in the sales business, than to admit that they don’t know what to do.

Scenario: You’ve decided to start selling on AutoParts but have little or no experience on how to go about it. Perhaps you have a new product or service that’s ready to be shared with the world, or you are the owner of a specialty shop looking to expand a small but loyal fan base.

Here is a brief guide to assist in easing you up to selling online. First up: the most important things to consider and put into place as you begin your AutoParts

  1. Build Your Store (Start Small, Plan Big)

You can begin selling online relatively quickly and with minimal investment. Some of these services also offer fulfillment options, making them attractive all-in-one solutions (though beware the limitations and don’t expect a high degree of individual attention from the Start) as you’re not the only one selling the category of products on the platform. Though people always go for what they are used to, your product presentation will be a good selling point for you

  1. Get Customers with Your Product presentation

Potential customers need to find your shop, and no better way than through your presentation of your products on the platform. Insert adequate name of products (e.g. Front Shock Absorber for Acura MDX 2003 model), well-presented description of your products (i.e. including delivery and warranty cover) Choosing the correct categories for each product (i.e. AUTOPARTS> Brakes, Suspension & Steering >Shock Absorbers & Strut Assembly). The standard allowed for products image is image with white background for the feature image. However, you can put other images in the image gallery for that specific product.

  1. It’s Not Your Fault (Unless It Is)

Approval of loaded products takes between 24-48 hours to take effect, if after this period you followed all the steps given in the product loading of your goods and the product is still not showing, make sure you contact AutoParts immediately you notice, if you have not been connected. Do not wait until later as you might be losing some sales, if you wait.

  1. Sales Request Response Time

Once customers request for your product, AutoParts will alert you immediately and you are expected to acknowledge receipt of the notification and bring the product(s) to the Drop-off Centre for delivery. Should there be anything, that might hinder the given Drop-off period, you are to communicate it across within 24-hours, or your product request might be cancelled, and possibly given to another merchant. Essentially, communication is key

  1. Generating Buyers on Autoparts

Autoparts has series of ways to make sure your products are in the face of any and everyone that visits the site (i.e. homepage Ads). Newsletters and Sales. These are tools you can use on the platform to reach an even greater crowd compared to registering as a merchant alone and waiting for buyers to search until they see your product(s).

Be sure to use all the sales tools/avenues/ideas we bring to expand your reach and customer-base and slowly, surely, you will start to see great results, based on solid data and proven tactics of convincing and keeping buyers of your products and generating new ones as well.

The Big Decision

Buying and selling online was once reserved for the tech savvy, but it’s now expected by customers (i.e. buyers) and therefore a necessity for most businesses. With this, it is clear that the large sellers are waking up to the potential of e-Commerce. The number of sellers who plan to go online virtually doubled in the last 12 months. I can’t imagine that there’s a major retailer who isn’t thinking about their online strategy.

Whether you operate solely online or simply wish to add another dimension to your business, it is imperative you get it right. AutoParts is here as a Market-place for sellers/merchants to assist not just retailers but everyone dealing in Genuine Products that are in our product category. Below are TIPS to consider before registering as a Merchant on AutoParts.

  1. Is selling online right for your business?

Before you create a Store for your business, first determine whether it is viable and appropriate for your products or services. For example, if you’re selling heavy machinery, factor in the cost of delivery, if such is the case. It’s harder for service-based businesses to sell online because it limits the level of customer service they can provide.

Be sure that the products you are offering for sale on AutoParts is allowed on the platform, this is to avoid conflict of Product . because if you’re offering for example computer items for sale, such product will not be allowed to display and this is simply because it is not allowed on AutoParts. so it’s important to be sure before registering for online sales.

  1. Focus on Product Descriptions

Write your own Product Descriptions, as this will help you to stand out from your competitors (i.e. other merchants/sellers of the same product as yours) Presentation is key and the way you present your product to the public is tantamount to the level of sales you will be making.

This includes, the image of the product you put up, the description you give in the product description box and how it is constructed: Majority of the buyers are not ready for long Essays, so we advise that you do a summary of its summary, by putting in only the necessary details, including delivery time and warranty cover.

Read up on how to register and loading your products on AutoParts and you will find out how these things are done and how to get the best out of using it

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