There was once a time when buying and selling online was reserved for the tech-savvy, but now, customers expect that you put up your ware in the most easiest of ways and with all the necessary details to enable them have access to all they might require about the product (your ware). There is a fast rising number of retailers online and it’s expected to keep rising with the status of things in the country.

Not only is it a window that opens you to the world, it is way more practical, result oriented and flexible to operate, compared to having a physical store, which is only available to the people in your local surrounding. I can’t imagine that there’s a major retailer who’s not thinking about an online strategy.

Whether you operate solely online or simply wish to add another dimension to your business, it is imperative you get it right. Here are some tips to help you on your way;

  1. Is selling online right for your business?

Before you rush to create an online store on AutoParts for your business, first determine whether it is viable and appropriate for your products or services. It can be a bit hard harder for service-based businesses to sell online because it limits the level of customer service they can provide, however, AutoParts has a standby assistance that has been put in place to assist in your interaction with your customers.

  1. Focus on Product Description

In combination with high quality images, write your own product descriptions; Describing the product, its uses and what to expect from the use of your product, as this will help you to stand out from your competitors. Failure to highlight the benefits of your products can cost you a whole lot of sales as customers will go for the product with full and detailed description.

In addition, we recommend that you encourage your buyers to leave reviews. Consumers are always reassured by recommendations and therefore more inclined to purchase a product.

  1. Don’t let your Store get Messy

Customers want clean and simple interface that clearly display the products on offer. Anything you do to complicate this will lessen your chances of a sale. It’s believed that “White space makes products appear neater, like walking into a neat, tidy room. If you walk into a messy room, you just want to get out.

The same applies to AutoParts, which has been designed with a lot of white space to enable you arrange your information properly.” However, if you go on ahead to give images that are not with white background  for your product or clustered information i.e. your information is not simple and well arranged, when a customer comes across it and it’s too messy,  they might end up leaving Product for another. We advise that you use a lot of white space in your product presentation to avoid overwhelming prospective customers.

  1. Categorize your products clearly

Ensure you choose the correct category for your products, using our vast list of allowed products, and ensure you choose the correct sub-category when uploading each product. AutoPart’s search tool is clearly categorized and includes multiple categories. Which allows users to search by brand, category or product search word, price, etc. This speeds up the purchasing process for users and allows them compare products.

  1. Don’t forget to Make use of Promos

Having an attractive Store is useless unless you can drive people there. Make sure you improve your store by moving your products fast, as this also increases traffic on goods in your store and recommendation for goods from your store increases at the same time, not just from AutoParts, but also from people who have had the privilege of buying from you.

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