We at autopartsnigeria.com hereby warrants to the purchaser that all auto spare-parts we sell are serviceable and functional. If an auto part is found defective outside warranty period of purchase, autopartsnigeria.com shall, at its discretion, provide assistance with the provision of professional help in resolving the auto part issue.

However, no reimbursements shall be given for auto parts that are found defective outside the period of warranty; other things being equal, there is also no reimbursement for delay, labor, mileage, or any other costs involved in installation or re-installation of the auto Parts in question. Warranty and delivery Damage related claims might require authentication.

All items purchased from AutoParts are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the Risk of Loss shall remain with AutoParts until the item is transferred to You. In the event that the items are damaged after receipt, the risk falls on the customer.

All Warranty Claims require a copy of your original purchase receipt, an image of the warrantied part NOT attached to the vehicle, and an image showing the quality seal, if visible, on the warrantied part. You may be required to return the part for inspection and you may be required to purchase a new replacement part while the warranty claim is being processed. Once the warranty claim has been reviewed and approved, autopartsnigeria.com will at their discretion, provide you with assistance in resolving it.

To file a warranty claim, customers are required to notify us immediately by submitting their information to info@autopartsnigeria.com found on our website.

N.B: Electrical components such as Lights, Mirrors, Alternators, Starters, Fuel Pumps, and Oxygen Sensors are covered by a specified warranty. Filters, Spark Plugs and Wipers do not come with any warranty